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New to EVs

25 October 2005
Hanover Township, NJ
I want to help save the planet (yeah right), so I picked up a Mustang Mach-E.
  • First electric vehicle in the household. Much to learn.
  • The torque!!
  • Mach-E qualifies for $7.5k Fed Tax Credit and did not pay NJ tax. Picked up the car in PA. PA buyers pay state tax on EVs - according to my salesperson.
  • So quiet -- too quiet. Or maybe my hearing loss has worsened.
  • I’m curious to see Acura’s EV implementation with the forthcoming ZDX.
cool did you get the performance version?
cool did you get the performance version?
That’s the one. I’d like to think of it as the “Type S” Mach-E.

Was very lucky to find one at MSRP. Thank you, PA! NJ is stuck on ADM.
hard to get around adm these days with anything "special"...I traded in my CTR earlier this year for a trade and $ and the dealer has it in the showroom for 10k over what we settled on..

The Hellcat world is pretty bad as well with all the older EV averse folks paying way up for essentially a rental car body but with a 800 HP blown V8..