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Newb member, newb poster, trying to avoid newb mistakes. Techs in New Orleans area?

10 January 2017
Hi all,

Apologies in advance to readers and moderator if I'm posting in the wrong spot, but my query felt pretty "general".

Longtime lurker, waiting 'til I was ready to buy a 1st gen. I've been able to get so very many questions/concerns on this board. Thanks to all.

Searching "New Orleans Repair" generated very little except a reference that some owners were unhappy with the local Dealership. So, my question holds. Is there a favorite shop or tech that comes recommended in my area?

I plan to put my eventual NSX into near-daily use. I'll always need some "box" for the rest of life and my bike hobby, so another 3gen 4runner will do nicely.

Thanks in advance for anything,


'10 Infinti FX50s
'93 Miata - typical DE mods, 325k