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Niello Acura


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23 January 2001
As has been recommended by some members, and from their support of the Sacramento chapter, Niello Acura has been a dealer friendly to the NSX Community. Does anyone there have a contact over at Niello for sales?

NSX88 said:
if you want an even better experiance come to Acura of Pleasanton.

Can you give me the contact of who I can talk to over there?

Thanks! :)
UHHHHH that would be Brandee. Look for an attractive brunette with a clean black NSX - can't miss her at Pleasanton Acura.
Hrant, where the heck are you? Did you fall in a hole? :confused: Give the man the low down.

OK, in Hrant's absence, I'll say that last I knew, Vince Gregory was still the NSX crowd's champion and the grand puh-ba over at Niello. Ask for him.