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Noisey ABS after starting

15 January 2001
San Diego, CA
About 15 to 30 seconds after I start my car and first apply the brakes the ABS system makes a clicking sound for about 10 seconds. The 1991 car has done this since I bought it used and past owner claims it has done it for two years. The brakes work fine. Fluid level is fine.

Is this normal?

What causes this?
If your pump runs every time you start the car yet you are not activating ABS everytime you drive, then there is probably a slow internal leak from the high pressure side of the system. Most often this is caused by a solenoid that is not seating quite right. It can also be a bad pump or a problem with the accumulator.

The pump of course only runs when it sees the need to repressurize the system. If you are not activating ABS frequently, the only reason it would need to repressurize that often is if it is slowly leaking pressure internally.

First try flushing the ABS brake fluid. This will often help with the stuck-solenoid problem. If that doesn't work, either take it to an NSX technician or get the manual and start troubleshooting.
I would also suggest that you exercise the ABS once or twice to get the solenoid unstuck. At a moderate forward speed - either in a parking lot or on a deserted street - just slam on the brakes and keep the brake pedal down as ABS kicks in.

You should do this at least once a month (if you're not using the ABS at any other time).