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NSX Aluminum Coffee Table Book, excellent condition, unblemished

14 July 2022
This is the factory book delivered with the fabulous NSX when new, published in Japan in extremely high quality, broad format. Uniquely covered in an aluminum skin to showcase the metal of which Acura was most proud in their production capabilities.

This book is in ‘extra fine’ condition with no upturned corners, bent pages, and is remarkably clear in its cover which is often scratched or marred. There is one corner with the absolute lightest of pull (photographed closely). All others mint. I show the inner pages which have scarcely been opened other than these photographs.

The pages even smell of fresh printing (promise) and the pages are still quite glossy and fine. Even the incredibly fragile protective vellum inside front and rear covers is in excellent shape with the small printing smear which is absolutely characteristic.

All the pages are crisp. The corners are clear. The binding unstressed. This book is truly in remarkable condition. Has been stored inside in my library for many years, untouched.

I am merely selling out of some rarer books and manuals. $149 plus shipping. Can accept PayPal, Venmo, Personal or Cashier's Check.


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Where is this item located?
Thanks for asking, but no, it is very sold. I had two actually, put both on eBay and both sold rather quickly. Best wishes to you.
Thank you for letting me know!
I had one, purchased it in the 90s when I worked at a Acura dealer.
Still trying to figure where I put it in the house!