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NSX and Shigera Uehara in Wheels April edition

17 January 2007
Adelaide, South Australia
Worth a read of the two page spread of photos and interview with Shigera Uehara, the project leader for development of the NSX,S2000 and Integra Type R. Wheels April, page 30, reported by Peter Robinson.

Those of us who participated in the great NSX Australia 2013 event in February had the pleasure of driving around Tasmania for a week with Mr Uehara (Uehara San in Japanese I believe). He took turns driving our cars, autographing glove boxes and answering our questions in his pretty good English. (For the record - he's no slouch driver either!)

The high point of the trip for me occurred at the final dinner at Wrest Point n Hobart. Mr Uehara had just given an excellent speech on the development of the NSX and answered several tricky questions from the audience. The whole room spontaneously rose (perhaps 50 of us) and gave him long loud applause. We weren't only applauding the polite gentleman genius, we were applauding Honda's magnificent engineering achievement in developing these cars.

He nodded in that polite Japanese way, with a beaming smile. I wonder how often he experiences that?
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Please post in the general forums if you get a hold of the article. This isn't something to be buried down under. LOL
Yeah I would love to read it as I am sure many on Prime would love to.
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