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NSX changes by year, NA1/NA2 explanation, and production numbers (all in one simple chart)

Your production numbers do not look correct. Maybe US sold number only?
Uh, the first three words in the chart heading are "US-spec NSX."

I have zero personal knowledge of the stats, just copied them from the second link in the first post of this thread.
Here's a new chart that combines info from previous threads, and clarifies the NA1/NA2 confusion.

NA1 has 3.0 engine: Manual cars 1991 through 1996, and ALL automatic cars
NA2 has 3.2 engine: Manual cars 1997 through 2005
Note, every car has either NA1 or NA2 as part of the VIN number.

Hopefully this chart shows everything you need to understand when looking for your first NSX.
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To give credit where credit is due, this evolved from a sketched chart I did in this thread that was refined and enhanced by @Wild Turkey:

In addition, I added production numbers from this thread, which shows charts by @Jetpilot3 where he used info by "Ben Lin." His charts also show detailed "how many of each color" production numbers, check them out.
Ah, I remember why I had 21 as the NA2 coupe number in my head now! The 2001 coupe that is listed as automatic is actually a manual - I think the Wiki is incorrect here. It sold at Barrett-Jackson a few years back to @NYCNSX but not sure he still has it. So, in summary, there are two manual 2001 coupes (and no autos that we've seen - unless there is another 2001 un-identified auto hardtop floating around out there somewhere...)