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NSX custom floormat/key

31 May 2001
Brookfield, CT
Anyone know where I can get some nice NSX floormats for my car? Also, is there an actual NSX key that I could replace my ugly Acura key with? I would like one like this avatar:



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The cool titanium keys are only for the earsly NSX's (don't know what years). If you've got a little green key light on your instrument panel when you put the key in, then there's a chip in the key that is part of the security system. Only the ugly black Acura keys work :-(
Try Eric Milam at Niello Acura. 1-800-350-2299. I got my mats for $70 something including shipping within about 2 days. Zanardi mats are the same price. As for the key, you're stuck with ugly black, but they have ones that say NSX on it and looks different than the Integra key!
I recently got a new (ugly) key for my '97, but got an interesting story about the titanium ones from the service manager (who was relieved to see I needed a '97 key):

"Last time we had to make one of those damn metal keys, we went through three blanks ($60 apiece) and two cutting wheels".

I don't know if they just didn't know what they were doing, or if the titanium keys are really that hard to cut!
The key containing the immobilizer chip was introduced in '97. The all-metal key (which is NOT made of titanium, but is indeed hard to cut) will work on all NSX's made before '97 and can be purchased at any dealer.

(I guess nobody wants to bother looking in the FAQ section called NSX Keys, instead of posting guesses and false information, huh?)

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I have a friend with an NSX and a 300ZX. He held the keys side by side. Because the Z key is real titanium, it is considerably lighter in weight than the NSX key. It is also a gray color, rather than the straw color of the NSX key.