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NSX driven in winter, or even snow?

13 November 2000
New York, NY
Hi all, the timing is right for me to get the car i'd lusted for, being that i'm single with no dependents =). I figured if I don't get the car now, in a matter of a few years, it'll be mortgages, baby supplies, and car payments for a minivan. Right now, i'm a proud owner of an 94 Acura Legend coupe, IMO, second only to the NSX amongst Honda/Acura cars. With a busy work schedule and the fact that I live in NYC, i only use the car in the weekends (hence I want to get something more fun). With that, it doesn't justify having 2 cars, as I already pay a rather high insurance premium. Parting with the Legend and getting an NSX means i'll need to readjust my driving habits. Anyone who'd ever driven in NYC knows how bad the roads here are. What are your views on driving the NSX on city roads, during winter, and possibly exposing it to snow? I know most of you'd probably cringe on the idea of having even rain on this automotive marvel. I can always borrow my parent's car in bad weather, but undoubtedly, i'll get caught up with the elements. Btw, i'm looking into getting a 91-92 model as it fits my price range. (Or should i wait until i can afford another car for winter driving?? =P ) Thanks for you input.
At a minimum, you'll need to get winter tires which will work well in cold temperatures (whether or not there's snow and ice on the pavement). The stock tires are great when it's warm out but they're not designed for use in cold. Many folks have gone with the Pirelli P210 Ice winter tires. You'll probably want to get an extra set of wheels so you don't have to re-mount the tires on your wheels twice a year.

Also the NSX is not very effective when there is a lot of snow on the pavement. You may have noticed that it's built low to the ground. If the snow is as deep as the front spoiler, you are likely to have trouble getting anywhere without that Wings West snowplow attachment.

Cringe? Well, driving an NSX in winter is not something I'd want to do... also keep in mind that if you have a second car for winter driving, you can turn off the liability and collision portions of your NSX insurance during the winter and save most of your insurance cost.
I live in NYC. I have a car in the city and my NSX in Long Island. You CANNOT drive it in the snow. You will simply get stuck all the time. Do yourself a favor, keep the Legend and get the NSX as a second car.
These are the times I love living in Southern CA I feel like it's winter here today, it's 54 degrees. My question is, Is it ok to drive during our Earthquakes, Fires, Floods and Riots. Those are our four seasons.
Earthquakes-It's so low to the ground that I don't think it would tip over.

Fires-It's already the HOTTEST car on the road.

Floods-The air intake on the sides are really gills in disguise.

Riots-Most people are dying/killing just to own one.

I hope this answers your question.<grin>
I live in North Dakota, and no thats not in canada! LOL It snows here pretty bad, but the last 3 years have been mild for us. This year is a different story, lots of snow and cold. Anyway my NSX got stuck on level groun in 1 inch of plowed snow. I never drive it in the snow, but I was moving it from garage to garage, and thats where it got stuck! Since then I never drive the car in rain or snow, just on perfect days.

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Looking at the replies, especially the one from Cab and Purevil, i'd have to work out a plan to keep the Legend as a daily driver, or at least get a cheapo beater for the winter. I'm just having a hard time swallowing the fact that driving conditions, bad roads, cabbies and elements are dictating my decision in getting an NSX, rather than financial reasons. It's great living in NYC =P. I'll continue to await the days of taking roadtrips every weekend out of the city in the NSX.
I live in the NYC area also.(S.I) Let me say there's no chance of using it in the snow unless its just a light dusting.You would have to factor a daily driver into the price. If the plows come out you wont make it a block because the nsx is to low to make it over the ruts they create.
good luck
Paul M.