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NSX factory navigation system?!

20 March 2000
Richmond, VA
I was surfing around and found this link:

It looks as if the interior has been modified to accommodate a navigation system above the air vents along the center spine of the console. Very interesting. I wonder if maybe the US will see this as an option for 2001?! I personally don't know that I actually like the way it looks, but it is a different look for sure.

Gordon G. Miller, III
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The nav system has been an option in Japan for many years. I doubt they'll put one in the US cars until they redo the model and replace it with the system they're using the the RL and TL (or maybe an even more updated model by that point).

The current NSX system available in Japan has no US software or maps and is not compatible with third party software or maps. I can't see them going to the effort to make it work in the US when they could just replace it with a newer model.

Here's another photo showing the screen

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As a TL owner, I can vouch for the accuracy and usefulness of the Acura/Alpine nav system. The '00 models include 48 states on one DVD, and has been consistently rated the best in-car nav system available.
Navigation systems do not belong in NSXs. It's about driving, not finding your way to your nearest gas station, restaurant or grandma's house! Being lost in an NSX is a joy! not a burden. Hey G-Man, you seem to be getting closer and closer to a NAV system for you car - don't do it, it just doesn't belong there.
Originally posted by dollenz:
Hey G-Man, you seem to be getting closer and closer to a NAV system for you car - don't do it, it just doesn't belong there.

Ok, Dollenz, I won't add a NAV system. As one Yellow/Black NSX-T owner to another, I can appreciate your perspective on the issue.
I just have to have some gizmo to fiddle with when I am at stoplights or stuck in traffic. My BMW 740i offers a wonderful trip computer that while totally useless in any real world sense, it wondeful to pass the time or to verify my 3mph speedometer error.

Gordon G. Miller, III
Y2K NSX #51 Yellow/Black

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I have an alpine nav system in my nsx, and basically it's a waste of money :)
I never really use it, but I'm a dumb ass and I always have to have the latest bells and whistles. It can play dvd's on the screen if I so choose to have scarface playing while I drive to work.
I actually only used it once, and it works very well, but for the money it costs and the amount of time you actually use it you're much better off getting a good map :)
I think for a lux sedan like a Benz S600, the interior would look right with tons of gizmos, stereos, GPS, DVD, playstation, etc, etc. But for a sportscar like my NSX, all I want to see when I step into it, is a pair of recaros, a sports steering wheel, and a 200mph tach(not yet)

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