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NSX front lip spoiler +side skirts

21 April 2000
Vancouver, Canada
hey hey,

New here. And in case you guys are wondering, i DON'T have an NSX YET...but i'm sure i'll be able to afford one within 2 years...anyhow onto my question.
I went to an small import showoff last year in my city (Vancouver, B.C) and i saw probably the nicest NSX in my entire life. It was silver, with a front lip spoiler, and side skirts, and a set of 18" 5 spoke mags, and extended front and rear fenders
I'm sorry i can't give a better description, but do any of you know how much the side skirts and front spoiler, and fenders would cost? Another thing is that, since most NSX's are really low, how do you guys go over speed bumps and stuff? I'm sure the NSX that i saw was about 2.5" off the ground. Hydraulics?

Well if its got a wide body kit it may be the one buy Comptech. That kit sell for like $7000 and if you want the wide body kit chin spoiler they want an additional 350. Well I believe NSX's have about 4 inches of ground clearance from the factory so he may have lowered it 1.5 with springs or he could have used coilovers to drop it between 0 and 3 inches. I doubt he'd use Hydros but I could be wrong.

As far as speed bumps, I try and avoid em.
www.comptechusa.com has coilovers and body kit on their site, hope that helps.
I know the car, and I'm sure it was GruppeM's who left you a earlier comment. It is the K&N Japan group M body kit, lowered suspension, ARC titanium exhaust, group M intake, and a few other mods too. It definately is one of the nicer looking NSX's in Vancouver (now Victoria). You can get the group M kit from a number of different sources, but I have heard of a body shop in Surrey BC that has a very similiar kit that they sell for $600.00cdn (sans fender flares). I've seen the kit on a lime green NSX also in Vancouver and although the fit and finish leaves a bit to be desired, it's still OK looking and for a price you can't complain about. If I were you I'd stay away from the body kits though, especially when most people (like myself) are spending so much money to loose a few pounds for performance..you don't want to spend that kind of money to make your car slower, although I don't think the weight is big, it's still weight.

91 black/black NSX

p.s. any local guys ever get together for rides?
GruppeM: If that is your car, you've got a damn good looking NSX. Damn good looking. I think it was Boom'99. You gonna be back for Boom 2000? I remember it had some sticker on the left fender, and an NSX-R badge, with a red H badge.

Jon69: I haven't seen the lime green NSX yet (i saw it up on sale on eBay...the guy who was selling it was from Seattle), but i have seen a really strange looking baby blue NSX. Another nice one was this deep purple one I saw in Richmond. 600$ for that set...thats pretty good. As for making your car slower...yes you are right, but it's nice to show-off. Personally i wouldn't race an NSX too much.

Thanks to all!