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NSX gathering in Irvine, CA on 2/26/2000

20 February 2000
Irvine, CA, USA
We have a very informal gathering this coming Saturday. Here is the info. Email me if you plan to come.
Place: StarBucks Coffee
Address: 3997 Irvine Blvd., Irvine
Tel: 714-734-9757
Cross street: Irvine Blvd and Culver Dr.
Land mark for the ladies: in the Albertsons parking lot
Direction from freeway 5 or 405: exit on Culver and head north. I think it
is 1 or 2 lights pass Bryan.
Date: 2/26/2000 (Saturday)
Time: 9:00 a.m. to whenever they kick us out.

Hi y'all,

Just came back from a 2.5 hour chat with a great group of wonderful people. I lost count of the number of NSXes there. But there were around 3 blacks, 4 reds, and 2 silvers.

Peter Yee....you da man! From the dyno day till now, you managed to sink K's of dollars in mods that turned out great. I can recall the HKS intake, Comptech headers, HKS exhaust, DC strute bar, Stainless steel hose kit, Dali coolant bottle... Did I miss anything? Sweet setup! Besides Dave Goward's SSR wheels, all were in their stock wheels. Claus has the newest 97 NSXT Kaiser silver with a V1 detecter. I love that color.

Alex, Mark Basch and wife showed up for a cup of coffee and muffins that made me hungry as hell. When I went into Starbucks, there were at least 10 people in front of me. Let's say I left the place hungry.

There were a couple of NSXes that just showed up. One with a set of Momo Arrow wheels just happen to be there getting coffee and spotted us. We were wondering how come he parked his car so far away.

Next month?.... next month, we are going to meet up some where near by and after we grab a cup of coffee, and we are going to head out for a drive. How's that? Of course I'd have to finish my coffe since I have no cup holder in my car. Any suggestions of a route we can head out for 2 to 3 hour drive would be nice. Dave suggested a drive from the beach to Lake Elsinore. Any feed backs are welcomed.

See you guys next time and thanks for coming. Happy motoring!

Chris Wong
'91 Silver/Black
Irvine, CA