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NSX holding its own

14 September 2006

Who's is it? Still looking hot next to all these new cars. IMO, it is the best looking in this picture.
I can't seem to put my finger on his name, something like USANSX or something like that. He is out of Miami. I bought my GTLW from him, nice guy with a smoking hott NSX! :smile:
I didn't know I was caught while trying to leave early to go to work. I took pictures of everybody else's ride except mine:eek:
Thanks KSXNSX for taking great Imolaaaaaa photo:biggrin:. Also the white GTR there is unquestionably Bad 2 the Bone.
Thanks for the compliment Zishan.


Hey PHuC,

How about some pictures of your car with those wheels??? The last pics I saw, you had those Avus multi spoke wheels. Looks like you got some HRE's! Nice! :wink:

- Zishan
PhuC's Imola is bad ass! Man that car is low...:smile:

P.S. I need your serial number and mileage if you have a chance ...I'm tracking Imola Orange cars.
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car looks great! the lip is a nice/classy fit to the car!!!