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Nsx meet in san diego!!! Deja Vu showgirls!!!!

9 June 2005
This is your official list of attendees for the nsx meet in san diego

Well guys heres the list for the meet so far in san diego. Dont forget you still have time to register for this event so dont waste time. Remember july 17th 3pm. Deja vu showgirls 2720 midway dr san diego ca 92110. 619-224-4757. [email protected]

1 De le
2 David warhol
3 Samson diep
4 J sample
5 Joseph
6 Mojorator
7 Nsx of rb
8 Hot rod
9 w
10 Vamp nsx
11 Suferx
12 Awsomr1
13 Zero cool

Keep it coming ill keep updating as long as you guys keep sending in yes"s or no"s
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Sounds like a very nice time...girls and cars go hand in hand :biggrin:
im interested.

lets get a list going
1. Joseph

just cut and paste your name
I'm in....sounds like the perfect day...as long as I don't end up with "the one ugly one" not that I've ever been in a Deja Vu or anything. :wink:
Im not sure on how too make a list for for people to attend but email your fellow nsxrs" and email me back with confirmation and ill make it all good [email protected]. If you guys have any probs just let me know there is still plenty of time to make this happen and all the girls are excited to see what these cars and there owners look like.
OK lets make it sunday the 17th let me now guys!!!!
I'm down for volunteering for the wet t-shirt contest!! Edited: I mean as a judge! :biggrin:
take pic's guys. take pic's
Let's do this right! Ohh yeah!!!
Yellow will be represented!!! Sunday the 17th works out perfectly for me! Looks like I'll have to replace my recently stolen digital camera before then!!! See everyone there!
I still all of you guys to email me yoru ph#s so i can make sure you guys have a space in th parking lot. The girls are waiting patiently for the event!!!! So email me if you want to attend this meet it should be a good one [email protected] Also dont forget to leave your # and addy so i can get back too you.
3:00 sunday afternoon until whenever!!!!! Lets have some fun!!!!
Zero-Cool said:
put me in too...please NO one tell me wife :)
:eek: Bad boy - I'm telling on you!!!! JK :biggrin:
Damn if it was july 20 2006 I could go then id be 21. :biggrin: