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NSX Members in OR & WA.

18 July 2003
I need to find out what members are residing in these two states and who may be interested in putting on an event of great importance to the NSX community. Please email me at [email protected] with you email address and I will go into further details around mid-August. Thanks! :biggrin:
Hey Al, this is Ferrand and yes, I'm in Seattle. In August 20th, we are going to have a Mt. Baker group drive, possibly with S2ki members.

You have my email address :)
I hope somebody starts getting the word out to the NSX community. It is already too late for me to get a day off for it. :frown:
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I am having trouble getting ahold of Dean!

He was on vacation not too long ago and should have been back by now. But he hasn't returned any of my phone calls :(

I'll try one more time... but I can't wait any longer if we are trying to get people committed to Aug 20th.
optikal, if Dean still not replying, we might have to take up the burden ourselves. Maybe going somewhere else that you are familiar with? Or maybe letting the S2ki member be the lead, and nsx group of people just kind of tag along? (as the majority will be them, like last year)

hmm, if pushing the date back is an option, maybe we could pick a time so Ron could come along??
If another date is targeted I personally would need to have a firm date 5 weeks in advance. That is probably a minimal target for a lot of people whether they work weekends or not, especially when scheduling an all day event on a summer saturday.

We are only a week and a half from our August 6th meeting. If the Mt. Baker idea falls through that could serve as a good time to brain storm and firm something up in mid to late September.

I sure hope Dean can weigh in on this soon though. Last year's Mt. Baker trip was a super drive and social event. I really hope there can be an encore.
I'll try calling Dean tomorrow. His work VM said he was going to be back in the office on Wednesday.

We'll see what happens. If I don't hear from him soon I'll try picking up the slack.
I'm here guys - check the other thread about the Mt Baker Drive, but Ron put the wrong date. It's suppose to be the 20th, not the 27th.

****update 08/11/05 late thursday night****
Well after some debate I guess the new date is August 27th (saturday),
see the Mt Baker Drive thread for details.
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