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Nsx oem 2005 complete brand new unused black nsx seats

24 January 2004
Hi I have a set of brand new, perfect complete 2005 Acura nsx black seats for sale. These are not recovered, they are complete seat assemblies with the seat rails that have never been sat in, never bolted in. Some will ask, how did you get these, Acura did not sell these. Which
is totally correct! Acura had a brand new set of assembled seats in the popular colors in case a traveling show car or press car got damaged. These happen to be the perfectly preserved set of black with silver sticking set od 2005 seats. They are perfect, unused in there original plastic Acura packaging.
Price is 8,000 for the complete set and is not negotiable. They are located in Southern California and priority will be given to someone that can pick up.