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nsx owners in the bay area

15 May 2009
I see many nsx in the Bay Area[ Clear Lake & surrounding areas ] are any on line. red 96' nsx-t with 17"/18",CT lowering springs,Daliracing exhaust & fender intake
I've got a blk/blk '95, I'm always out around Clear Lake and Bay Area Blvd... holla!
I saw a blk. nsx with custom wheels at Bay Area & 518 sunday night at 8:00 was that you ? that car looked great , could not catch up in my pick up !:frown:
Probably, although my wheels are polished OEM wheels now and not aftermarket ones... they may look custom from afar maybe?
Oh yeah, some of the Z guys go out there. I may roll out to that one night with them, maybe we can get some NSX representation goin on.
I meet some Z guys 2wks ago at the same show,1 car had over 500 hp:cool: On the way to the show last night, I meet up with a early 90's red nsx at the light of nasa & 45,he said he would watch prime for the next outting.I went to the nsx breakfest last week, I was hoping your car was there.I'm all for a nsx meet where ever it is :smile: let me know where & when.
I think I saw the same red nsx on nasa yesterday afternoon. He had some kind of chrome rims. I am also local and usually take a nice drive with my old lady down to coffee oasis on nice Sunny day. See yall at the next meet.
maybe you would like to plan a Galveston Island NSX meet with your Z friends,we can eat at the Strand and park on the seawall for some alsome pic's.We can go 45 and come back 35 or 288 for the houston guys.