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nsx pricing?

14 April 2001
hey guys,

im a newbie here..yay..im a frequent poster at honda-tech.com and own a 2000 PY ITR but have been considering adding a 91 or so 5-speed NSX-T to my little family so my teg doesnt get so lonely
now im not made of money but would LOVE to have an NSX and when i look into my future i see that i can probably afford around 25-28k. now i have seen a few NSX's for about that price <100k+miles usually> and my Q is..the ones in this price range, is there probably somthing more wrong with these cars? is this too little to expect to pay for an older NSX in good condition? i can accept minor defects since it will be a project car to an extent but i dont want to be rebuilding the entire car trying to fix everything. are my expectations too high? tell me what you think guys!! all the help is appreciated!

that yellow blur was probably me.

people must think my tail lights are pretty cause they sure spend alot of time looking at them...
Originally posted by yellowR2000:
...around 25-28k...

Take it from someone who has been seriously searching for an NSX for about 2 months, a decent '91 will be between $30 to $34k. A nice one will go a little higher. I have seen some for as much as $37k.

Be happy to pay this, because these cars truly hold their value. Do yourself a favor and subscribe to CarFax for 60 days and check potential cars out. Some have very, very weird historys. I have CarFax'd more than 60 times over the past fer months.

Good luck in your search.

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thanks guys
and thanks for the info on the T. wish they had that back in the day
REALLY like the way those look! hehe well anyways i appreciate the help!