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NSX protection: Data logging and video surveillance

13 March 2006
Atlantic City
I was wondering what kinds of options exist for recording activity around one's car, especially a special one like the NSX.

It seems like a datalogging feature or even peak-hold device that recalls peak speed, rpm, boost, etc would be sufficient to discover whether a tech, valet, or body shop employee oversteps his bounds and drives the car in an inappropriate manner.

I'm also curious what kinds of video capturing options exist, although I'm sure this question is fraught with concerns about state laws regarding surveillance that can vary drastically from state to state. Nevertheless, a DVR recorder that can double as a track day recorder and theft/vandalism recorder is still an option I'd like to hear about.

Any thoughts?
Something similar I've thought of....

I've always wanted to add a video camera in car that recorded on a 30minute to 1 hour loop or similar. Incase something happened while driving, I could stop the camera and have proof of what happened. Example- someone turns in front of you and you hit them. If you have a the camera, you can simply show the police what happened.

Same thing when the car is parked. I guess it would depend on the camera angle and what not, but I've always wanted to do something like this. Too bad I'm not more tech savy... :smile:
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