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Interior Nsx-r seats black suede na1

14 October 2006
im not on the boards very often, but please do a search on the net with my user name, and you will see ive had in hand and have sold the rarest of the rarest parts over the years and you will not see any negative on my part in any dealings what so ever. if you have any questions just ask.

PRICE LOWEREDselling price: is $7,000 not firm. i will separate seats if i can find another buyer for the other side.

email: please post or email me and i will send it. i prefer not to have my email out in the open on a public forum.
Location: Glendale, ca

shipping: shipping is extra from price above. i am going to have to demand buyer send me a prepaid shipping label from fedex, ups, dhl etc... its just much easier for me and for the buyer and saves a lot of time. why is this better?

-i dont have to stand in line with these huge things beside me
-i can just walk in drop the boxes off and be gone and out of there
-buyer pays actual shipping cost and not some inflated amount most sellers do. (by the way im not charging for shipping material keep that in mind)
-seller doesnt have to bring these huge boxes in to get shipping cost for different places around the world time after time.

payment types: i will ask that a personal check, cash upon local pickup, or a bank certified check in my full name. i know a lot of people like to use paypal, with some new california laws in place as it relates to paypal i am not going to be using paypal for this large amount. besides it doesnt protect me the seller from buyer charge backs once buyer has the seats in hand. so this is a risk for me. i am open to other payment options and i can provided any information to put the buyer at ease. But....if you can convince me to use paypal with you i will but you will have to convince me so it doesnt hurt to ask.

inspection: if there is a very nice nsx owner in the los angeles, glendale, ca area who wants to looks at these in person for a fellow serious buyer this would be great and i have no problem meeting the person. taking photos of suede is very hard since the leather always looks lighter than it really is making it look faded. im free to meet up on Sundays

Returns and Refund:i will provide the buyer/s to return the seat/s at buyer cost and it must be sent back the same way i packaged them. and then upon inspection for any new damage i will send a refund. i am giving this option because this is a lot of money and family shit happens and theres more important things than car parts. for example: seats sell for $8,000, buyer ships by shipping label. after seats arrive buyer makes contact and says my grand mother died and we need to bury her. ship the seats back at buyer cost making sure its packaged the same way it was shipped to buyer and after i inspect everything a refund will be sent. no questions ask.

description: seats are used so you will have normal wear and very slight fading in the seat corners. but in all seriousness these in my opinion do not need any redying. that was my plan from the beginning but i realized once in hand they really dont need it.

there are some nicks on the bottom as photos show, there are no rips in the leather and padding is good and doesnt feel like they need to be changed. there is some loose material near the seatbelt hole as photos show, there is some very light brownish glue residue as photos show, and the head rest area are both nice and not discolored on the back or the front.

fading is on driver's side right arm area, and the upper corners as the photos show the lightness in color and very slight fading on passenger side corners.

please ask any and all questions do not assume anything. what you see is what you are buying. thank you.

























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