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NSX Service in SF Bay Area

8 November 2000
San Francisco, CA, USA
Can someone recommend a service center for my 96 NSX-T in the San Francisco, Bay Area?

I have heard about a place called "Hill Top" in Daly City. Has anyone ever dealt with him? Please let me know.

Thanks in advance!

For adding go-fast parts, there's a place in Santa Clara called A Foreign Affair that has experience installing/servicing Comptech S/C and other go fast goodies. Don at Hilltop in Daly City has an excellent reputation w/many NSX-NW club members, though I haven't used him. Have serviced my S/C at A Foreign Affair and found their shop to be "most excellent" (TM).

Yes, many have more experiences than I, but Don is highly recommended.

The alternative is to take it to a dealer to be abused. My feeling is that the typical employees at the dealerships have no respect for your NSX and drool at the opportunity to drive it. After a less than satisfactory experience at a Bay Area dealership, I was offered a free run through an automated car wash!

Obviously, I have strong negative feelings towards dealerships so you should get others opinions.
I have used both Hilltop and Foreign Affair. The work at both shops is excellent. Don at Hilltop,however, is the most reasonable price-wise. Don has done my short gears and R&P as well as my timing belt and 90K service. He'll continue to get my business.