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NSX Sighting: Akira3D

1 November 2004
Orange, CA
I saw a red nsx on the 91 Freeway on Saturday 5/31 between 5 and 530. I was in my White NSX and as they passed me by, the passenger leaned out the window and took 2 pictures. Nice big camera lens by the way. Let me know if it was you and send me the pic if you can.


[email protected]
I saw Akira3d yesterday too! I was in a Silver Stone S2000 w/ the top down driving behind Akira3D! Akira, do you have HIDs in your headlights? They got a pretty sharp cutoff.

Me333-NSX, I think you'll reconize the car with the license plate, it saids Akira3D. I saw the car around 8pm at night, there was a passenger in the car too.

Wow...I miss a two week old post specifically about me. How did that happen?

Canny, my friend Pete thinks he got a good shot of your car as we pulled alongside. I'll ask him to post a link to the photo here. When we saw you on the 91, we just assumed you were going to the Planet Acura event in Buena Park...but then you took off just as we came to the exit.

David, no HIDs...just the stock popup headlights. Did you go to the Planet Acura event? There were quite a few S2000s present. I think I left around 8:20pm.