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NSX Sold - parts for sale OEM & other

17 May 2004
London Ontario
I'm waiting for the moderator to post this in the parts for sale section, but I thought I'd let the Canadians on it right away.

My NSX is gone and I have to clean out my basement. My loss is your gain.
All prices do not include shipping. Please do not ask me for a shipping quote unless you intend to buy the item.

Smartenna – never installed. $40.00 SOLD! Thanks Ray!


Downforce Carbon Engine cover - $300.00 (small crack in clearcoat) Sold Thanks Ed!


91 -94 NSX OEM Bra – brand new, never used $60.00 (originally $100.00) Sold Thanks Trev!

1992 NSX OEM Exhaust (Came off in 2003 w 74k km) $100 OBO

1992 NSX shocks/springs (Came off in 2002 w 70k km) $200.00 OBO

Forward door sill trim pieces (driver & passenger) Ivory – my understanding is that they are out of production. These are brand new in their bags. I purchased them when I bought my car at nearly $300.00 each with the intention of replacing the originals as they were scuffed. PRICE CHANGE $150ea if you take both! - pics below
Honda part numbers - 83162-SL0-A00ZB
- 83112 SL0-A00ZB


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I'll take the Bra at $60. Send me a PM with the shipping cost.
I'm in Edmonton. No international shipping required.
Sorry dudes, me and Eddie are taking it all.....lol
Well the engine cover and the bra....
Ed, get the back up baseball bats....
Warren, you can have my old Bra, Free.
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Here's pics of the clearcoat cracks & bra as requested.


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You don't have to build it up that much, its already sold and on a truck to Alberta.
Thanks for the parts man. Now for the bad news to tell Eddie that the engine cover has gone missing.
Hope he doesn't check my car.
Warren, your bra is ready for pickup at my house or business.
I'm glad to hear you got the "stuff" ok Trev.

It's amazing what you can ship if you just lable the box "Car Parts".