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NSX Tilton 3 Disk Race Clutch and Flywheel

10 October 2000
NSX Tilton Race Clutch For Sale:

Tilton Race Clutch for the NSX. This set up was one of two built by Tilton for Realtime Racing when they were campaigning the NSX in the Speed World Challenge. Most of these parts are completely custom for the race application and requires long lead times and higher prices to set up production. This clutch was almost unused and was in their spare motor. It has a Melonite finish used to harden for durability. The finish has a few locations where it was some how scratched, I believe it was done while in a box, where something bounced around during transportation to and from the racetrack etc. This setup does not include the 5/8 inch bore Master Cylinder needed.
This clutch is designed for the track, and it Does NOT like slipping.

With this setup, it will eliminate the OEM fork, pivot, and slave. The release bearing is a direct bolt on after removing the snout. It will require making hydraulic lines (stainless steel braided) using dash 3, 12x1.0 female, dash 3 in and out with an external bleeder for access. It will also be important to secure they hydraulic lines to be clear of the flywheel etc. It is quite easy and simple.

This is your opportunity to own race car parts without the design and engineering costs. Bid accordingly as these parts are rare and will significantly enhance your satisfaction with your track results. You will be quite pleased .

Tilton Flywheel 6.34lbs (two custom built for Realtime Racing, this one on spare motor, so almost unused). Part #51-1157. Again this is a custom part for the NSX and requires a 3-4 month minimum lead time for production.

This is most likely the lightest flywheel you will ever find for the NSX.

Tilton 5 1/2 inch OT-III (Open Type 3), 3 disk clutch approx 6 lbs. Part # 67-003HG.

Hydraulic Release Bearing. Again Custom built for the NSX with unique base, and a standard piston and bearing. Part # 61-763. This base no longer produced by Tilton, and is only available through one distributor.

3 disk pack of metallic disks. (Shot Peened) (2 sets), one installed in clutch and one set in box. Part # 64140-9-PPP-38

Automotive Racing Products (ARP) Pro Series Flywheel Bolt Kit. Honda B series, Chromemoly, w/ black oxide finish, set of 8, new/unpackaged.
Part #208-2802

Shipping: Fed Ex 2 day w/ insurance $60.