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NSX Totaled! Your opinions on what's next, please

With Joe handling the "repair", you'll have a car that looks new, and was done right. Yes it will have a salvage title, and will never be worth near what a "clean" car of same year, etc. But if you're planning on driving it, and enjoying it.........you will!!!

It sounds like it will have a clear title with an accident history if he keeps it. I could be wrong.
I think if you document the repair and take a bunch of pictures during the repair process any perspective buyer may feel at ease about buying with an "accident history". You don't intend on selling anyway so it's a moot point. Glad you're bringing her back to life.
Apologies is this was already asked - but you did have State Farm covering the car, correct? Either way, was it an agreed-upon value policy?I'm just curious how your insurer came to the conclusion of paying out actual (or anywhere near "actual") value of the car, instead of stiffing you by only paying out tax value (? - or whatever value-based rate they typically go by.)
Yes, State Farm is my carrier and my policy was not coverage for a specific amount so they had an appraiser come in and determine current market value. $75k was low and I was prepared to argue that but when I realized that the $50k difference would be enough for repair, I chose to settle for that amount, once I spoke to Joe.

Ive gotta say that even though State Farm was slow, they were communicative and easy to work with.
Happy Sunday. How is the car coming along buddy? Hope everything goes painless for you!
It's coming along well! The NSX is in the capable hands of Joe Lamarillo at Vince's Auto Body Works in Poughkeepsie NY. He's already got much of the work done and got her pulled back to shape. Parts are slow to come in of course. He went with brand new OEM parts, wherever possible, but some were no longer available so he sourced used parts in those cases. He's currently trial fitting a VIS Type R hood for me and and he said he will get it fitting like factory! His estimate is half of what I settled with State Farm for, so not only will I get her back, I will have plenty left over for upgrades :biggrin:

I am starting up a new thread to document this rebirth here - stay tuned!
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I really hope this ends up in a good place. Excited to see it brought back to life!
I've been absent for the last month or so, but glad to hear this working out and you bringing her back!

You work quick too!

My Civic is just sitting around for now waiting to be restored to its former glory (probably cause my NSX is a higher priority right now, lol).
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