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NSX Tragedy

That's truly terrible - did anyone know who the occupants were? If it was a Silver Targa, it was probably a newer model...

I often wonder, do the tires on the car ever fail (i.e. explode) at high speeds? Could that have been what happened?

David Allen
'00 Silverstone NSX-T
If it was a Silver Targa, it was probably a newer model...

Yes, it was recently purchased new.

do the tires on the car ever fail (i.e. explode) at high speeds?

In over ten years in the NSX world, including full subscriptions to the e-mail lists, forums, newsletters, etc., I've never heard of that happening due to high-speed usage, and it shouldn't, with the Z- (or higher-) rated tires. However, I think there were failures incurred by owners who didn't check their tires and used up all the tread.
I never like to learn about tragedies of any kind, especially traffic fatalities.

My deepest sympathies go out to the families of those involved in this accident.
Curtiss, who had a Silverstone 2000, was a PacNW NSX member who expressed excitement to get together with the other NW NSXers this year.

My sympathy goes out to the friends and family of Curtiss.

-- Chris


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Are you 100% sure it was Curtiss? What city was he from?

David Allen
'00 Silverstone NSX-T
I had a similar experience in Texas on the highway. With the exception it was a corvette that had crashed. The corvette flew by me at well over 100 MPH. There was a gentlemen driving and two young girls hanging out the top. I thought to myself "now that's the life". About two miles up the road the corvette was spread in a 1/4 mile diameter. They had hit a cement post that held up an overpass. The car was completely destroyed including the occupants. The engine itself was not even in one piece and had been ripped from the rest of the car.I have been very aware of thoughts of "that's the life " ever since then!!
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Originally posted by Requnix:
Are you 100% sure it was Curtiss? What city was he from?

I read all the responses and the name mentioned was Curtis. Reading all those really bummed me out.

Interesting how everyone was so quick to leap to driver error. The probablility is high, but who knows what really happened? The bottom line is 2 people are died in a car we are all passionate about, truly a bummer (understatement of the year).
I'm sure that all members of this forum would be very interested to know why this happened: NSX driver error, other car error, or car/tire failure.

In any case, if there is any person in the area who learns more about why this accident happened, we all would appreciate knowing the outcome. Certainly the local police or highway patrol would be required to investigate the accident and provide a written report that may be publically available. We can learn important lessons not only from our own mistakes, but also from those of others.

95 NSX-T, 5 sp, Red/Tan, Stock, except Dunlaptya SP9000s
I was involved in a near-fatal accident in a 95 MK4 TT last Monday. This experience has changed me in ways that nothing else could have. As much as everyone tries to enjoy fast cars "responsibly", there are some times when judgement is lasped and the worst happens. I was going along a good driving road at night.. the speed limit on this road was 45. I was probably doing around 60, 70 tops. We all exceed the speed limit somtimes, and when it's that slight we often don't think twice about it. A turn came up that was a bit of a surprise and I overcompensated for it by jerking the wheel too fast and lost control of the car. I then hit the embankment, flipped, and knocked a phone pole over.. stopping on a tree which probably would have killed me if it hadn't been for the pole and the way it absorbed the impact. I climbed out of the car, slightly covered in what I thought might be oil or gas from the car.. but was actually the oil from the transformer.. with wires all around the vehicle. My friend was in the passenger side.. and because he was slouching, got his leg caught under the dash. Luckily, it was only a broken leg and he will make a full recovery.. but seeing the car and hearing him yelling from inside was the single most terrifying thing I've ever experienced. They had to wait 20 minutes or so to finally get him out after the power was off. I was in complete shock that it had happened. I was usually very responsible about my driving.. but you can never be responsible enough. The chances of me being alive and crawling out of that car without a scratch are insane. So many factors come to mind: the oil, the wires, the exact way we hit the phonepole so that if it were a foot off it might have been fatal, the fact we hit a pole and not a tree, the fact I didn't have the targa off, the fact that the Supra is an extremely solid car.. the list goes on. I'm not very religious in the traditional sense of the word, but this kind of thing makes divine intervention seem very real.

The car I don't care about. It was an amazing car, and incredibly attractive (silver/black with stillen body kit and 18" ssr integrals). But I can always buy a new car, and I will. However, the fact that it was my mistake that caused my friend to go through anything has eaten away at my conscience. All I could hope for was that it was nothing permanent. Even if he had a limp, I would probably never get over it. Imagine if he was paralyzed.. a couple inches off and he might have been.

So, guys.. be careful out there. And saying that probably won't work as much as it should. All I know is that from now on, I will drive like an old lady at night. In the daytime, I won't drive even slightly fast unless there's a very extensive amount of dry, even pavement ahead of me without any other cars. You can never be too careful.. and I thought I would be the last person for something like this to happen to. I've always been a good driver and have pride in myself because of it.. especially compared to my peers.

I hope this at least has some impact on the way you guys drive. I know I'm going to be more careful. In fact, I'm taking an advanced driving course at Skip Barber before I buy my next car. I think it should be a required course for anyone buying a car like ours.

The reason I'm on this board is because I'm considering an NSX for my next car. I must admit I have a fear of excess power now after I crashed the supra. Although it wasn't the power that caused the crash, it still freaks me out that that car could reach high speeds so insanely fast. Almost too fast to register. Keep in mind I was pushing around 400RWHP on that car.. when those turbos hit full boost, it's hard to think about anything else but that feeling of thrust. So, I figure an NSX would suit me better. Good power and great handling is what I need. I just want to make sure they're as safe as my mk4 was.

Life is more precious than you know. One second you're enjoying the thrill of the ride, and the next your life is over. There's no negotiating, no second guesses, no time to rethink your actions. Most people aren't as lucky as I am to have a second chance, and I don't intend to handle it lightly.

Take it easy out there.


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I was a passenger in a 993tt that was rolled over and totaled on Monday, Memorial day. I have no injuries, and consider myself damned lucky.

You're right about speeding. If you must speed, do it on a dry road, in daylight with no cars around. And watch blind corners!

I was told this so many times, but it took this accident to really change the way I drive. And unfortunately, it won't sink in for others until they have their first wreck.

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Posts like the above ought to be required reading for those who boast about driving their NSX's on public roads at 140 mph....
I completely agree - I can't count the number of people who have asked me "how fast have you had your car?!" It seems that people have this idea that speed is god or something.

The fastest I've ever driven my NSX (my '92) was 160MPH on the I-90 floating bridge in Seattle around 2am (monday morning/sunday nite) - the entire bridge was empty - a perfect run, and very safe. When I reached 160, and realized the car could go even faster, I realized that this speed was enough to 'experience' and have since then never gone near as fast.

Many people don't think of the fact that 160 is 100MPH faster than a car going 60 on the freeway. So, if you hit a car on the freeway going 60MPH and you're going 160MPH, it's like hitting a sitting car at 100MPH.

Not good in my book.

Also, I vaguely remember hearing something about "how long does it take a 911 TT Porsche to do a controlled stop from 200MPH?" And the answer, if I recall was "1 mile". If these numbers are wrong, please let me know, but if they're right, it definitely gets you thinking. 1 Mile just to stop...

David Allen
'00 Silverstone NSX-T
I took my Supra up to around 150 once.. It's alright to do once or twice for the experience if it's very clear and no obvious obstacles are in the way. However, now that I think of it those high speeds aren't THAT exciting. Whenever I brought my car above 100 it was usually to impress someone in the car. Not worth it..

And if I had a dollar for every time someone said.. how fast have you gotten that thing?

Does it really matter?