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NSX - two wheel take off photo

2 October 2001
Ok, apart from <B>AU_NSX</B> in his Twin Turbo NSX, who else has managed a two-wheel take off like this? :D


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one word



Thanks Neo!... I wish, but I'm not that good actually... Last time I tried a wheelie it all ended in tears :frown:

I'm no expert, but I think he would get a fair bit of understeer with that set-up!

Not too many original parts left... (Thanks Len for the link!)

Car Specs

Engine and Drivetrain
3.2 liter Honda Motor (Original NSX motor)
1093hp @ 8600 RPM
680ft.-lbs @ 6500 RPM
Saenz connecting rods
Wiseco pistons
Twin Tial Sport turbos
Custom Hogan’s intake manifold
Cylinder heads ported by West Coast Cylinder Heads
Ferrera valve train components (springs, retainers valves)
Barnes custom built dry sump oil system
DC Sports custom exhaust manifolds
Nology ultra low resistance CD coils
MSD pro plug wires
RC Engineering 160 lb/Hr. motorsport injectors
Web Cam modified stock cam shafts

Engine Management
M880 ECU
CDI/8 (capacitive discharge ignition)
ADL-F1 style dash

Trick Titanium-titanium bell housing
G Force 5 speed manual transmission with titanium shifter
East West custom titanium Twin disc clutch package
Lightweight aluminum flywheel
Mark Williams third member
Mark Williams gun drilled axels
Titanium yoke
Titanium spool
Titanium studs
Trick Titanium rear end housing


Lamb Components double adjustable shocks
Eibach ERS Springs
Lamb titanium front control arms

Lamb Components electronically controlled shocks
Eibach ERS Springs
Hansen Race Cars titanium four link bars


Hansen Race Cars Custom chrome moly chassis

Wheels and Brakes
Enkei Drag 01-F1 style custom billet drag wheels
Carbon fiber rear brakes

Front - Custom built front runners
Rear - Custom built drag slick (33-16-15)

Custom built carbon fiber body panels (molds built from the OE NSX panels)

Custom built carbon fiber and aluminum tin work
Custom built carbon fiber tubs
Custom built carbon fiber NSX dash (modeled from the real NSX Dash)
Carbon fiber Sparco Seat
<B> > 3.2 liter Honda Motor (Original NSX motor)
> 1093hp @ 8600 RPM</B>

:eek: :eek: :eek:
Honda should release this as a factory kit! :D A true Ferrari Killer (and widow maker :p )
would be a sick set up in a street car :biggrin: