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NSX value

8 July 2002
I've been noticing what seems to be a larger than normal group of new owners buying an NSX.
With NSX's available in the mid $20 they are certainly a bargain for a mid-engine car.
Most of the new owners appear to be buying stock or close to stock units.

Have so many been modified now that we have a two part market?
One for modified NSX's appealing to a certain market and a separate market for stock or close to stock.

I'm wondering if we've reached a point where the supply of close to stock cars is dwindling and we may start to see prices increasing on these types of NSX's?

Hmm, interesting. I have not seen too many 100% stock older NSXs lately. I think stock or lightly modded NSXs have always been preferred by the majority of buyers, who in turn modify them to suit their own tastes. Heavily modded NSXs are usually priced higher, and seem to take longer to sell.

On a side note, I've noticed that there has been quite a flurry of activity in the marketplace with Canadian members/cars lately. Not sure if this is normal summer time activity level, but it has definitely caught my eye.
When I bought mine about 16 months ago I searched for 6 months prior, there are stock ones and modified ones. I would say a completely bone stock, never modified is a bit harder to find, but with patience, you can find one. I would say if you are looking to do a few mods look for one that has those tasteful mods already done to save time and $. Just my $0.02