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NSXCC Karting event - Friday night April 21 7:30pm

6 February 2008
Dundas, On
Well, the time has come to establish bragging rights prior to EST Fest to see who really is the best driver. No wet roads, no police, no excuses; just driving and legal competition. Either that, or we'll just get together with some friends and drive go-karts; no pressure.

Friday night, April 21 has been set as the night that we throw down. We will be meeting at Formula Kartways in Brampton, which has an indoor track, so even this early in the season weather will not be an issue. Bring your NSX, bring your daily, you know we don't discriminate.

$60 (tax included) will get us an hours worth of racing (in a heat format), starting at 7:30 with the drivers briefing, racing at 8, and finishing with one victor who will reign supreme until EST Fest, and possibly until our next go-kart outing. The location is as follows:

Date: April 21
Time: 7:30pm
Formula Kartways
79 Bramsteele Road
Brampton, Ontario
L6W 3K6

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If you'd like to pay in advance, follow this link:


If there's any interest, we may have a late night cruise afterwards as well ;)

Don't delay, sign up here:

1) Sean F. +1
2) Bram M.
3) Tony S.
4) Steve D +2
5) Rob M.
6) Lucas H. +1
7) Mark H. +1
8) Owen C.
9) Tim C. +1
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Steve d + his 2 boys
Shoot, would have loved to race you guys but I'll be in Ireland. Already driving my car down here as roads have been long cleared of salt since it's done nothing but rain. Have fun, next time...........
Sounds fun. I am in.

Will pay my dues online prior to event, hopefully someone will bring along my renewal goodies!

Thx Team for the hard work.

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We're only a few short hours away, and we'll be getting pizza for the attendees as well!
I can't wait to see you all there!