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NSXCC Track Day August 13th, 2013 ....

2 March 2000
Toronto, Canada
.... in conjunction with the BMW Club Trillium Chapter.


The details:

What: This is an Advanced Driving School with proper in class and on track lessons with full time instructors for each driver.
When: Tuesday August 13th, 2013
Where: Mosport/CMTP’s Grand Prix Track. Click here for directions: http://www.canadiantiremotorsportpark.com/visitor-info/directions
Cost: $299.00 (inclusive of all taxes and a tax receipt will be provided). The Trillium Chapter's events are recognized by Revenue Canada as
an educational course and are eligible for a tuition credit!

This Advanced Driving School is open for everyone! Novice, Intermediate, Advanced & Solo Lapping students alike. Other brands besides BMW's are welcomed and a great opportunity to stretch out the NSX's suspension.

At minimum you will have 5 x 30 minute sessions on track!

Lunch will also be included in your registration fee.

I'll have my NSX there ... Red will be there with his ... Rob, take the day off work and join in the fun. Show us what the SC can do!

Seriously guys ... this is a fantastic opportunity to safely drive your car the way it was intended to be driven.

For more information, you can visit the BMW Club website ( http://trillium-bmwclub.ca ) or send me a message and I can help you get started.

Don't wait till the last week as these events do sell out.

So, who's in?

1) Daria
2) Stuart
3) Glynis
4) Lionel
5) Danny ?
6) Rob M ?
7) Robbie D?
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Great Daria....I am there for sure....for those of you who have never done a track day the BMW Club's days are the best organised, safest and the instruction is excellent.
You may even land up with Daria (the Newfoundland Targa participant and BMW race winner as your instructor.)
$299 (taxes in) with instructors? That's very tempting. Are we sure we can deduct this as "educational expense"? Has anyone done this without getting challenged by CRA? Either way, this is a great way to learn high performance driving in our NSX. Would you recommend this to someone who has "zero" track experience?

Great work Daria!!

Who's car is this? Looks like Oyagi's old ride or perhaps Peter's or Glynis'.

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For the past few years I have taken advantage of the "tuition" credit on my taxes. I would typically get a +/- $1500 receipt from the Club (for participating at all their 3 day events) and have never had any issues. Of course I don't make as much as you ... So it's never been an issue for me :)

You can certainly participate with zero track experience. Just check your ego at the door an understand that this is NOT a race. Once you do that, you'll have a tremendous time.

Only one caution ... You'll get hooked! Just ask Stu, Lionel, Rob and others who have done this before. Then again ... You make a ton of cash - so that won't be an issue for you
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Wish I have all that cash to spend on track events. The truth is that I “lend out” the bank’s money, not my own. It’s a small distinction but nevertheless an important one.

Is there an option to take part as a spectator for the day, if so would it cost anything? Would they allow drivers to take passengers that are not instructors, provided we sign a waiver of course.
Sounds great would love to go, hope you don't mind me driving my 2012 Boss 302 its track ready even has the OEM RED TRACK KEY the cars for sale so I thought it would be nice to drive it on the track as it was engineered to do before giving up this great domestic car with the Coyote V8 .
As tempting as it is to drive my NSX its a keeper and out of warranty the Boss is still warranted no worries.

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Wish I have all that cash to spend on track events ....

A set of headers .... $1,600

Stoptech Big Brakes ... $5,400

Twin Turbo Kit .... $12,400

Type R coil over suspension .... $4,400

... Or for the price of chassis reinforcement bars, you can have the most fun and improve your driving skills to out perfrom any of the above mods .... PLUS you get a tax receipt !! See if any of the mods give you that!

Is there an option to take part as a spectator for the day, if so would it cost anything? Would they allow drivers to take passengers that are not instructors, provided we sign a waiver of course.

Life as a spectator gets to be boring at the track (and will not cost you anything). You may be able to get a drive with the instructors (and you'll feel like this after :eek: ).
If you're willing to take the day off work and come to the track to watch, why not drive it? :cool:

I bet you ...

would agree with me

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... hope you don't mind me driving my 2012 Boss 302 its track ready ...
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What ... you mean one of these ?

You're gonna frighten everyone on the track! Save that car for the Dixie Ford Lapping day where 50 other Boss' show up.
C'mon. Bring the NSX. It would be great to get a couple of more NSX's on the track
Track Day Novice Questions

Ok guys, a few novice questions... thanks for your responses/insights...

1. If I use my NSX, should I worry about my rubber? Will I need to replace anything after the day?
2. I also have a '07 stick 323i, she's lowered and I'm running after market staggered rims but a brand new set of Bridgestones Potenza Sports. Which would be better to learn with? NSX or BMW? (I can already hear the answers, but thought I would ask... ;-)
3. I'm more interested in learning the basics of track driving - can I assume this is what I learn? While I do love speed (at certain times as Owen can attest), I'm much more interested in learning proper technique etc.
Ok guys, a few novice questions....

I wouldnt worry about rubber wear as a new comer to the track. You'll use up more brake pad than you will rubber. You won't have to replace anything on the car ... You may need to replace your underwear if you don't listen to your instructor and do something silly.

Although a BMW run event (with many Bimmers on the track), you'll have a larger gathering around the NSX any day. You can learn the basics of track driving in either of your cars.
I have just been notified that this event is now SOLD OUT. There will be a waiting list for those interested.
Don't panic, for those who are still considering this great opportunity, there is still 1 remaining October 5-6th track day at Mopsort with the BMW Club. More details to follow.
Am I in on Mosport Track Day? I've requested to sign up and your reply has been to bring the NSX .
Sorry not interested in bringing my NSX , I'm again asking is ok to bring the Boss 302 which is a track ready car.
I'm trying to learn the track principles again I'm asking I'm I in or not?
You can take any car you wish to the track. You must sign up trough the BMW Club website (link provided on the first post).
As of 3 days ago, they have sold out (only 3 spots left for experienced lappers) and have a waiting list going for those who want an instructor.