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NSXPO 2024 Official Thread

4 April 2011
Fountain Hills, AZ
Now that the Registration is open and some of you have already signed up, this will serve as the information thread going forward for NSXPO 2024. The team is hard at work back in Dallas-Fort Worth putting finishing touches on events and hospitability. If you have questions, please ask here, and we will provide updates as we can. Hope to see you all in DFW this fall.
To make it easier to register and to keep those of you up to speed on Facebook, here are the links; First of all the registration is hosted on the NSXCA page, you'll find it here:

And if you are on Facebook there is a dedicated page right here:

See you all in Texas this fall.
We would like to welcome NSX E-Repair as a sponsor for NSXPO 2024. Most of you know Brian as the CCU repair guy, but as our cars get older; things like the amps go out. My current amps were purchased from another owner after being fixed by him.

Welcome, Brian.

We would like to welcome MITA Motorsports as a sponsor for NSXPO 2024. For some years now has provided us as NSX owners (and other Honda enthusiasts vehicles) with a means to acquire hard to find factory, discontinued, aftermarket and replacement parts to prolong the lifespan of the iconic vehicle that the NSX is.

Welcome, Marc.

We would like to welcome Grubbs Acura of Grapevine as a Platinum sponsor for NSXPO 2024. Grubbs has been servicing Gen1 and Gen2 NSX’s, and has been a great support for owners of Acura's flagship. As a Platinum sponsor, they are offering the dealership as the drop point for transport for those shipping their cars.

For those flying in/out during operating hours, they will offer a complimentary pick up at DFW Airport to bring you to your vehicle on site, and a shuttle to DFW to ensure you catch your flight home.

Welcome, Grubbs Acura

1600 E State Hwy 114
Grapevine, TX 76051
Contact: Richard Terrazas


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Is parking available for trailers near or at G2? Assume there would be during the track days, but can we leave the trailers there until NSXPO is done?
The hotel, that many are staying at near G2 does have space for trailers as does the track itself. The host Social hotel also has room for trucks and trailers. There is a bit of distance between G2 and Fort Worth so you might want to load up again after the track and bring your entire rig down to the host Social hotel in Grapevine. That is what I would do.
For our international travelers joining us at NSXPO 2024 in Dallas. If you can contact the hotel, or preferably the NSXPO 2024 committee, we can arrange for free transportation from the airport and back again.

Our host hotel offers free shuttle service and Grubbs will offer free shuttle service if a rental car is stationed at Grubbs Acura. Something to take a bit of stress off after/before a long flight.

We'll see you all in October.
Track day update:

We have some updates for our track days at G2.

We're continuing to add to our certified instructors out on track, adding an instructor who led classrooms for bmwcca and apex driving academy.

There is an on site paddock which has day garages that we can use for pit support and there will be on site Acura techs to support us out there. Great opportunity to enjoy the NSX in the environment that is was designed for.

Looking forward to seeing more of you out there.
NSXPO registration will be closing in (9) days, on Wednesday July 31st. We will also be releasing the few remaining rooms from the block at NSXPO discounted pricing.

To register, follow these links which also include links to the discounted hotel bookings.

Social event link: https://nsxca.org/event-5700178
Track event link: https://nsxca.org/event-5687719

Important reminder! The event requires an active NSXCA membership. So, if your membership has lapsed or you're not already a member, hop on and join today! You can join here: nsxca.org/join-us.