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NSXPO wow of silence?

10 August 2000
I had anticipated (and looked forward to) a flurry of postings, including pics, anecdotes, news, whatever of NSXPO after the 24th... for us underprivileged folks who could not attend.

Not a one! So either:

a) It never happened.
b) It happened but it was entirely uneventful, not worth mentioning.
c) Participants wore Nike shoes and drank some strange punch, then traded their cars for Corvettes.
d) Glands are still overactive from all the excitement and no one can't sit at a keyboard.

I'd have to go with "D" as the closest answer. It's more like, "E", everyone's probably like me...busy getting back to life at home and getting caught up on work after having been gone for a week. I made several new friends and got to meet some of the NSXrs that I've been chatting with from around the country. Very cool. Even got to meet Lud himself...great guy with a beautiful Monte Carlo Blue NSX!

NSXPO 2000 was great and the weather was perfect. Friday's mountain drive was incredible. The twisty roads of the north Georgia mountains provided enough tight switchbacks and high speed sweepers to satisfy anyone's appetite. I actually strapped on my four point harnesses after the first stop. Several people commented that they were loosing their equilibrium due to the sharpness of the turns and the constantly changing G loads. The climb up to Brasstown Bald was more like a video game than a street drive. This was truly awesome and some of the most fun I've had in my NSX.

We ended up with 110 cars which made for an incredible parking lot. Kudos to Chuck from Zymol who went out of his way to keep us all looking good with donated products and helful advice. We managed to setup a drag race between a stray yellow prowler who came into our lot to take a peek. He unknowingly lined up against Ben Beckert's twin-turbo '91...that was pretty amusing to say the least.

The Atlanta nightlife was great as well. Several of us made nightly jaunts down SR400 and into Buckhead to enjoy the scene that is Atlanta after dark. Lud may care to shed some more light on this...he seemed to be enjoying himself!

Road Atlanta was unreal. High speed, off-camber, downhill, BLIND turns...that will get your attention in a hurry. This proved to be a very challenging track and carried a high "pucker" factor in several spots. Turns 11 and 12 were definitely at the top of the list. You run down the back straight at 120-140, depending on the "pucker" factor, then enter a downhill braking zone that's followed by a quick chicane that flows uphill and under a bridge. Of course, you are full throttle in third at the top of the hill and can't see a damn thing! On the other side of the hill the track literally falls away...big time PUCKER. Fourth gear down the hill and into a high speed right hand sweeper that, if you hit it JUST RIGHT, leaves you about one foot of spare tarmac at the exit at 100+mph and onto the front straight. I had a great time on the track and look forward to running there again in the future.

I have some great in-car video as well as some that I shot while outside the car...photos too. Now if I can just figure out how to get them uploaded...I'll be happy to share with all. Anyone with uploading tips feel free to email me.
It is safe to say that NSXPO 2000 was:

a) An event that really happened
b) Was unforgetable, especially for those running into trees, concrete walls and the like. Total damage toll to 3 cars is likely to exceed $25,000.
c) While some participants did wear shorts and many drank all sorts of things, it was clear than NONE of us would be trading down to a Corvette.
d) Indeed even a week alter, I am at a loss for how to put it all into perspective for those that were unable to attend.
e) I have to agree with RQuin that being gone that long did lead to voice-mail and e-mail load that has kept me off the boards until now.

It was an awesome time. Thanks to everyone.

Gordon G. Miller, III
2000 NSX-T #51 Yellow/Black