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Memorabilia NSXtravaganza Holiday Season Diecast Mega Drop 2 of 3 R/C

14 November 2003
At the epicenter of the Zombie Apocalypse
Group shot.jpg

Here is a collection of NSX diecast and R/C cars ranging in scale from 1:16 down to 1:64. The photos should be self explanatory. You'll see multiple identical cars in some of the listing so please "Start a conversation" with me to let me know which item you're interested in. I will be actively monitoring my conversations and this thread as well as updating this thread if items sell to keep it accurate. Shipping to CONUS is free with any purchase at or above $50.00. Below that you'll pay exactly what I pay via Pirateship's deeply discounted rate. Please take shipping cost into account when comparing my asking prices to eBay listings. (Which I've my best to beat for every listing)

I prefer payments via Zelle, CashApp or PayPal + 3% fee as I have a business PP account that doesn't allow for incoming or outgoing FF transfers.

All of these cars are brand new in factory sealed boxes.

Next up are 3 R/C NSXs.

A Nikko 1:16 Fast & Furious customized orange NSX at $70.00


A Nikko 1:24 Fast & Furious customized blue NSX at $50.00


A Hobbico sub 1:64 Microsizer (they're not kidding!) black (with extra clear body) NSX at $30.00 (Sold)


Next up are the NSX "munchkins".
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