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Forced Induction Lovefab Complete Turbo Kit - 1 Of A Kind in Superstreet Magazine

15 November 2007
Honolulu, HI
I have decided I want to upgrade my turbo kit because I'm a crackhead for power. Therefore I am selling my custom Lovefab lf600 turbo kit with some custom add-ons.

I am asking for $9,900 plus shipping for the kit. (I have $20,450 into the kit so that's more than 50% off of one of the best turbo kits made for the NSX)

If you have a stock block, you can safely and easily make 450whp at 8-9psi, if you have a built engine you can make well over 600whp. I made 612whp on 92 octane and 648whp on C16. If you have a stock block, this kit is safe for your car, just don't tune it much over 450whp. If you have a built engine, this kit is a monster. I recently raced a 2014 Lambo Aventador LP-701 on the highway on pump gas and beat him both times we raced.

You can read about my car by downloading the August 204 Superstreet Magazine at http://www.staticperformance.com/superstreet-article.pdf

You can see photos of my car with engine bay and turbo photos at http://www.staticperformance.com/Project-Cars/ArtMID/464/ArticleID/2/1991-Acura-NSX.aspx THE CRAZY BLUE INTAKE MANIFOLD IS NOT INCLUDED. Just use your stock one.

The kit included 99% of what you need to put on your car.
THe only things you will need to buy is the cold pipe to fit to your stock intake (Cody can make one fast)
If you go to Lovefab's LF600 website and choose the most expensive parts/options, that's what this kit is. Plus some additional items listed below. It includes EMS, everything. Piping is powder coated black.

• Garret GRX3582R Turbo
• Lovefab WOFI with Burns Stainless Mufflers
• Tial Q Blow Off Valve
• Tial MVR Wastegate with muti-spring options
• Lovefab headers
• Lovefab Secondaries
• Lovefab Water to Air Intercooler system
• Lovefab Twin front Heat Exchangers
• Walbro 400lph Fuel Pump
• RC1000 Fuel Injectors
• High volume intercooler WAIC Pump
• AEM EMS 30-1042
• Oil Feed and return Lines
• Lovefab Charge Pipe, Couplers, Clamps
• Lovefab Y-Pipe
• All piping powdercoated black
• All necessary hardware and fittings for a clean and proper installation.

If you ran this system on your car with a stock block at 9psi, you'll make 450+whp and crush most any car on the road. I am running it at 16psi and making 612whp, but my engine is built. On c16 I make 642whp

Here’s a video of me racing a Z06 Corvette with a supercharger, he’s making 700+ whp, so about 100 more whp then me. We both have passengers in the cars and we’re both on drag radials.


I had a prime member pm me asking me how I ended up spending over $20K on the turbo kit when the base (the bare minimal kit is only around $13K).
So I thought I'd post my answer just so you know what you're getting with the kit...

Actually, if you go to Cody's LF600 Kit page and select the most expensive stuff, you'll get the base for my kit
and select these options
1. GTX3582R +699.99
2. LovefabWofie Exhaust w/Burns Stainless Muffler $1,899.99
3. Powedercoating Black $150
You get a base price of $15,249.97

However, we also upgraded the RC750's to the RC1000cc injectors. Another few hundred dollars
We didn't use WAIC Twin-exchangers but rather purchased a par of higher-grade twin oil heat exchangers than had custom mounts created so they site in front of the radiator. THey were $350 extra, which doesn't account for the custom mounts we made for them. THe sit in front of the radiator behind the front bumper for max cooling.
Switched the radiator to a Mishimoto radiator
Instead of using Cody's Walbro 255lph fuel pump, we upgraded to the 400lph fuel pump
Changed all coolant pipes to the SFS Silicon Coolant Hoses
Added aeromotive fuel pressure regulator
All fittings were upgraded to AN Fittings
All lines were upgraded to stainless steel lines
All of these extras mentioned about were about another $3800.
So $15,249.97 + $4,000(ish) = $19,249.97
I live in Hawaii, shipping parts here was at least $1200-1500
Tuning was done here in Hawaii. First tune was $800.00 for tuner plus $300 for dyno time.
Second tune was $500 plus $300 for dyno usage time.
Install was $1200
If I was to really add it all up, parts, shipping, install, 2 dyno times, etc, my total into the kit would be $23,849.97

If you put this kit on a stock block, and run it at 9 psi, it will make about 450+whp and a good amount of torque. I'm not too sure a stock clutch would last too long if you pounded on the car. If it was me, I'd put it on the car, drive it til it breaks the clutch an then upgrade the clutch to the SOS Sport 350 (used to have that clutch, loved it!) Or, if you ever intend to rebuild your engine like mine and run it at 16-26psi making 612whp and 643whp, then you'll need a monster clutch like the SOS Twin Carbon 700.

It's an amazing kit, again, my engine is built to handle way more power than a stock nsx, but even before I built the engine I killed every single race against every car except a twin turbo viper (he's an built 8.0 litre engine making 1000+whp).
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Bump, the kit is coming off the car this week, so it you want it better tell me, it will sell once it's off and ready to be shipped.