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October 15the track day at Portland! Veteran drivers only!


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13 May 2000
Lake oswego, OR
Due to some last minute luck we have another AR track day happening in October! For those of you not in the "know"...a brief description follows:

The AR track day is run very loosely with no run groups or sessions. All drivers are allowed on track at any time giving each driver the opportunity for 6+ hours of track time. The event will be limited to a small number of drivers who are all pre-screened for experience so that there are no great disparities in cornering speeds or driving skills.
There will be no penalties (black flags) for off track excursions, pushing your car to the limit is expected :)

Passing rules are currently TBD, but may go to completely open passing pending some insurance issues.

Lunch and refreshments throughout the day are provided courtesy of AR Auto Service.
All cars with exhausts below 95db will be allowed out at 8:30am. All cars above 95db will be allowed out at 9am.
After 9am a checkered flag will be waved every half hour to collect cars and to do track maintenance if necessary.
Cost is $295 and each registration fee is per driver, there is no restriction on the number of cars you can bring.

Please register for the event as early as possible via www.motorsportsreg.com! We hope to see you at the track!

Some pictures from the last evnt for reference.