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OEM Acura NSX Lower Knee Bolster

20 November 2016
Tokyo, Japan
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[h=1]OEM Acura NSX Knee Bolster Cover[/h]Factory new OEM NSX Lower Knee Bolster. Great replacement for under your steering wheel. Refresh the look of your classic NSX with this brand new lower handle cover.
This lower knee bolster is designed for the Left Hand Drive Acura NSX Model.

  • [*=left]Manufacturer: Acura
    [*=left]Part Number: 77210-SL0-A01ZA
    [*=left]Panel Assy., Instrument Driver(Lower) *NH188L* (REAL BLACK)

This is a rare discontinued part and unavailable factory new from most Acura parts websites. Purchase now while supplies last.

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The part is available. You can select check out on the website and it will give you shipping prices

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