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OEM Seat Belts and Buckles (Tan)

27 November 2005
SoCal ✈ Vegas
These are the OEM belts from my 1994, they were removed when I switched to schroth ACM harnesses a while back, and were never in an accident. They have an explosive charge to 'lock' the belts in place, as part of the SRS system.

These seat belts are produced for Honda by Takata, and include the buckles from the seat rail as well, everything you see in the picture. For the first few years of the tan interior, Honda used color-matched tan seat belts, in later years, they switched to black seat belts in the tan interior, so these are somewhat rare - they should fit all years of nsx, 1991-2005.

These parts are just North of $1400 from Honda, I asking $500.