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OEM trunk mats

"Hrant" can answer any mat questions.
Try and give him a p/m.

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The NSX trunk mat is something not often discussed herein. Many owners do not wish the additional weight of it.

I've seen "Zanardi" style blk/red trim trunk mats....... but OEM's I've seen tend to be a dark grey/onyx that blend well with the OEM trunk liner material.

I own two - both OEM style. I like them. As nigel stated, Hrant and other Primers may know lots more.... FWIW.
I see my name popped up LOL!

alum04org is on target with his response. If my memory doesn't fail me, there were only two logo colors offered here in the US: the lighter gray offered with the charcoal color OEM mat and the red offered with the Zanardi black mat. There "may" have been a limited number of OEM ivory color trunk mat with black logo in the early years - but I am not sure of that.
In the early years, the ivory trunk mat was sold with the same red embroidery as the interior floor mats:

looks like it, but i didnt do it. I just google searched and it was a result.
I wonder if the upside-down logo adds to its value, the way print defects do for postage stamps. :biggrin:
Like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words! Thanks for the photo's, I really appreciate the time!