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offset question/spacers

19 February 2002
Portland, Oregon USA
Hey guys, got my old school Dazz Matiz wheels still...and thinking of refinishing (black centers) and putting on..but few things..

1. Fronts 18x8 (will run a 215/35) have ET 48
2. Rears 19x10 (will run a 275/30) have ET 48

These are the ET they came in and have...SO im thinking of doing the HR wheel spacers 5mm in front and 15mm in the rear..

So will a 18x8 with 43ET and 19x10 with 33ET look/fit ok?

I want to the edge of fender (YES its low...tein coilovers) BUT i run a ton of neg camber (drive 2k a year..wear i could care less!) i NEVER track it either.

Thanks in advance for advice/input.
From my experience you can run
18x8 +38 without problems
19x10 +35 without problems
Here's what it looks like:


Basically what you have should look pretty good (you'll only be off by like +/- 3mm, which is nothing)
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Thanks! I really like my old school Dazz Matiz wheels..but the 48 offset was too in for me on my old NSX.

Ill get them PC'd and put on with some 10mm front and 15mm rears...:biggrin:

Now gotta decide GLOSS or FLAT or SATIN black for the spokes...hmmm