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One of a kind forged aluminum wheels on new Michelin Super Sport tires

8 March 2006
The only reason I am selling is that I am considering going to a widebody and a slightly altered style. Only two sets of these wheels were made but more can be made if you need a spare. These wheels have gone through extensive FEA and they have near double the strength of a Volk TE37. They are fully forged and were cut from the same blanks AMG uses on their wheels. These were specifically made to upgrade an NSX to an 18/19 setup without compromise of performance. They clear Brembo, stoptech, and WP calipers. They house my 362mm carbon ceramic rotors. This is for a performance upgrade on the NSX with the ability to run both better tires and larger brakes. Front wheels require that you remove front fender liners and use spray rubberized coating instead (which works very well).

I have forgotten the exact weights but the weight was inline with Volk/HRE, etc. The strength to weight ratio was the best of any wheel that had gone through the FEA lab. "unbelievably strong design" was the comment from the lab. The finish currently is raw aluminum. They are ready for paint and finish in any color you desire. The centercaps are included and are aluminum.

To do this design and go through many series of changes after FEA (to get the best weight and strength ratio for this car) cost a lot of money. To do this again is over $10K. I am selling with Michelin Pilot Super sports that have approximately 10 miles on them They are at 100% tread, and the whole assembly has been road force balanced by the latest Hunter machine and the best place in town. Have metal valve stems.

The wheel sizes are front: 18x8 with a 225/40/18 PSS. Rear is 19x11 with a 275/35/19 PSS. These wheels currently fit OEM fenders on front with no liners and rears with the liners in place. If you are very low you may need to roll the fronts. They clear my car at the height you see in the photos.

The tires cost roughly $1200 so the setup is over $11,000. I am willing to sell them for $4500 with tires, or $3500 without the tires plus shipping/Paypal. My huge loss, would be your gain.

What you will get is a unique wheel designed for the NSX that no one else has. You will have tires that normally cannot be used on an NSX and are one of the best. You will be able to fit almost any big brake kit. Here are some photos from them on my NSX.







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Bump. Price drop $4300 with tires. $3200 without.
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