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optima battery

3 February 2008
Naples Fl.
Got rid of my Optima red top, Went dead after two years, Went to my Acura dealer and picked up a Acura battery, It has a 100 month warranty, Only 89.00 Has anyone had bad luck with optimas I have had conventional batterys last five years. Thanks Danny.
Actually have had very good experience with Optima. Have about 7 of them in all sorts of stuff that doesn't get used very often, and even less over winter. I used to be buying regular lead acid types a couple each year, since I switched to the Optimas haven't replaced one in 5 years. Value to me is that they won't lose electrolyte sitting on hot summer days and have a slow enough standing discharge rate that they don't drop significant voltage sitting for a month or two. Don't have one in my NSX yet, but when the present battery dies I wouldn't hesitate to put an Optima in.
I have had good luck with Optima as well. But the caveat was that you have to buy a special battery tender if you totaly discharge the battery a couple of times to bring the battery back to life. The battery tender is called the Ctek 3000 which is made specially for Optima and other batteries. It took 3 weeks to completely recondition the battery but it worked fine after that.

The Optima was the only battery that could handle being left untended the first year I had it through 6 months of winter storage in an MR2 that had a battery drain as bad as the NSX, and then start. The following year I had to jump it to start as it didn't hold. The third year it wouldn't hold a charge and that's when I got the tender and reconditioned it and it worked great. The following year I left it on the tender all winter and no more problems.

I use that tender on the NSX in the winter now and also do not have any problems.

That's been my experience.