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Pacquiao vs Bradley Petition

Not sure I'll ever PPV a boxing match again. The sport needs to be rescued from itself.
The surest way to completely destroy the sport's credibility would to be overturn, or suspend, the decision.

Boxing credibility. That's an oxymoron. Boxing lost it's credibility to me when Leonard, in his comeback, won a decision over Hagler years ago. Boxing wanted Leonard to win because he was a Big money maker for the sport. If he lost in his comeback, boxing would not make the big money on his future fights. I had watched Hagler for years destroy people by being agressive in the early rounds. Does anyone remember Hagler vs Hearns? Best 3 rounds of boxing ever. He was always agressive in the early rounds except for the fight against Leonard, where he was passive and let Leonard control the fight, something he had never done before. He was paid to take a dive. He never fought again while he still had some good years left. He took the money and ran.