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paint color ideas/suggestions?

Just saw black calipers with the NSX painted in yellow. Looked very good. This was also on a yellow NSX. Tim
I am considering blue calipers with my yellow car.
carbon fibre or chrome :biggrin:
Purple-gloss w/ "NSX" machine-finished

dlynes said:
looking to paint calipers on my yellow 98'nsx-t...any suggestions?

hmmm... PURPLE ...! ("NSX" machined/filed away to give metallic silver color) :cool:

Also, dark-yellow in an annodized-metal type of finish would look very classy/suave too! ("NSX" painted in black-gloss)
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Body colour yellow (any other shade of yellow won't look right) or keep them black with the raised yellow lettering (body colour).

Red works well IF you have upgraded brakes, not the the standard calipers.