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Part numbering system? Revision&supercess

5 December 2007
Beach City Ohio
Hello, does any one understand the Acura part numbering system breakdown, and supercession/ revision numbers???

I have came by several parts ( mostly A/C related) that have been "discontinued" . I found the same part number with the last 3 digits (example A02) became A03, then A04 in later production years. The parts where identical, with revised fittings. Non of the 6 dealership parts dept. I spoke with could identify the parts as a revised or replacement.
I was familiar with the Porsche numbering system which appears similar. A part could quickly be identified as to what area of the car ( chassis , engine, suspension) what car the part was first used on, what side L or R ( where applicable) and what revision the part was on.
As time goes on it might be helpful for obtaining parts for the first few years of NSX production to know what later generation parts can/ may work when the first number comes up no longer available.

Thanks for your help, Bryan.
You know, one of our members who works at an Acura dealer recently posted a topic here, explaining this in pretty good detail. I just tried searching all over for it, and I can't find it now. :mad: