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Interior passenger side door handle

17 September 2005
Garden of England
just to add to the list of things done to the car this year, the drivers (UK car) door handle has given up the ghost, not the cast aluminium fix-it-with-a-handle-fix-it-widget, but the handle itself. another reason why i don't like others being in my car, they break it! previously someone managed to pull the handle hard enough to break the surround, this was fixed, now some ham fisted muppet has broken the handle, stressed/cracked/torn the plastic!

so... fishing for a door handle assembly, right hand side! i've got a 1992 car, black interior.

what you got kicking about? let me know a price with shipping to England... ( i have paypal)

obviously, if you're not willing to ship to England, i'll not need a price, but you can be happy in the knowledge you have a bit i need!

the offending door handle....