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Checked with the boss, and it's all clear, so count us in for the 6th. December! I'm looking forward to it - it's been too long between drinks!
Awesome! Looking good for numbers so far! :encouragement:
The weather killed it :(

Great to meet everyone though and lunch was enjoyable (sorry Sam! Thanks for coming though!)
Couple missing but still good numbers in the end.
Charlie's yellow one is simply jaw dropping and Sam's one sounds like nothing else!

Rest of the photos will be up here in due course. https://www.facebook.com/90sJDMLegends/

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The weather may have been damp, but it just made for a pleasant, enjoyable and relaxed lunch! Pity about the bloke who yapped on too much :tongue:

Thank you James for reviving this drive event, been way too long between drinks.

Already looking forward to the next meeting!
Stunning pic guys. Next time we'll add one more red one :). Really happy to see all are the pop-up lights models too - I felt they got less pretty with the headlight change. By the way, do any of you have a regular source for second hand parts? I need an aircon control unit.


I've been told the new NSX MkII will finally arrive at Burswood Honda this Friday, 11th November. All welcome to show up and stare, or shuffle forward and haggle on the size of deposit required :)

More details to follow.