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Phelps Wins 7th Gold Medal!

13 June 2008
Michael Phelps beats Milorad Cavic of Serbia by .01 of a second.
Michael finished the 100m butterfly in 50.58 seconds with Cavic doing it in 50.59.

I haven't watched the actual race yet, but have seen many clips and tons of arguements that Phelps came in second. By watching it I don't think you can tell at all who won, even by slowmo, but this picture from Sports Illustrated is probably the best way to see.


Here is a video of how close it was.

Hope the Picture and Video still work.
that race was awesome! I don't see how people say that he came in second, the wall has an electronic touch pad so there is no question about it. I do think if Cavic would have kept kicking while he was reaching for the wall instead of just gliding at the last second could have saved him at least .01 of a second. Regardless, the comeback was truly inspirational. He is a machine.
Please remember to spoil proof the thread topics:frown:Many of us po working folks tape sporting events:rolleyes:
Look at the SI first photo and as the wall is an electronic touch pad clearly the hand of Phelps had more digits on it and thus perhaps more pressure?

Look at his competitors hand and the tips of the fingers are hardly touching...

Phelps is the man! :wink:
congrats to michael phelps.... let's make that 8 NOW in the history books~!!!