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Phillip Island Sprints 17-18/2012

30 April 2005
Adelaide, Australia
Hi Melb. NSX'ers i will be at Phillip Island this week-end for the November Sprints if your in the area or wanting to go for a drive pop in and say hi.
0412 824 824
Here's the entry form for anyone who might be interested in driving Phillip Island one day.


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Hi Les,

That looks like it would be a great day, even the weather is looking like it might be on your side. It is certainly a stunning track to drive around.

Providing the eyes don't glaze over too much for the people you are sharing the track with, I'm sure it will be sensational. As you know, I have a wedding in Portland so that counts me out.

I will look forward to seeing you tomorrow at some stage.

All the best,

The car is loaded David and ready for a coffee at your place early tomorrow afternoon.
Had a great time at PI and Melbourne put on some fantastic weather.

All went well i went 2 sec's faster than last time the first run on Sat. was my quickest at 1:57. I decided to get a driver trainer give me some tips he changed my lines in just about every corner on the curcuit car felt fast and smooth from then on however my lap times where 4 sec's a lap slower:mad:

I tried everything to make he's suggestions work but wasnt until the last session on Sun. i got down to a 1:58 when i went back to my lines. Ah well there's always next time.

Here's a vid on Sundays time session the first few mins i'm cruising to find some clean air then a couple of laps at speed.

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Car sounds great! It is such a flowing track compared to any thing in SA.

Simon 95, How about we meet up there next year and join Les and a few other NSX's?? We can practice in Tassy on the Feb run!