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Wheels PIAA Super Rozza 18/19" Wheels (deep rear lip)

25 August 2005
I am selling a set of 4 (four) PIAA Super Rozza wheels in 18/19" configuration.

The front set is 18x8.0"
The rear set is 19X9.5" The rears have a nice, deep 4" lip.
I am unsure of the offsets, but they are what SOS sold, obviously they fit an NSX.
All four center caps are included in sale.

The front tires are Toyo Proxes T1R @ 255/35ZR/18 with about 6/32" left of tread.

The rear tires need replaced as they are about down to the wear bars.

More pictures on other cars and a little more info can be found on Science of Speed... http://www.scienceofspeed.com/products/exterior_performance_products/NSX/PIAA/

I am selling these to move to a 17/18 setup.

I want to be as detailed and specific as possible to avoid any surprises.

The front wheels both have a few marks on the spokes, looks like from someone removing the wheels and the ratchet rubbed against the spokes in a circular pattern. The lips have some very light scratches that should be removed by polishing. The inside of where the lugs mount, the finish is coming off some, depending on your lugs, this is usually hidden when mounted. No curb rash at all.

The rear wheels both have about 2 small (about half inch) nicks, they were very difficult to capture with my camera. The driver's rear has a small series of light scratches on the lip (about 3"), again it is very light and might be able to be polished out. There are other light scratches on the lips that should be removed if polished. As with the fronts, a few of the lug holes have the finish coming off, but again is hidden when mounted. The driver's rear center cap hex screws were replaced with non-stainless and have rusted, these can be replaced. No curb rash on these either. I also need to add that the passenger rear wheel suffered a slight bend on the inside lip when I had a tire blow out, this was repaired by Wheel Medic in Columbus, OH (http://www.theroundhouse.ws/Wheel_Medic_Inc.html) I have put about 4000 miles on it since then without issue.

I have tried to capture the condition in the pictures below. Let me know if you have any specific picture requests/questions. I am lowered and these do not rub. In my opinion these are in overall very good condition and would rate them about 8/10.

I am asking $1800+shipping, I would prefer pickup and am willing to meet someone that is 400 miles away halfway (I will drive up to 200 miles) to deliver.

All 4 wheels

Tread on front wheels


Driver's front

Driver's front nicks on spokes

Passenger front

Passenger front nicks on spokes

Driver's rear

Nicks on lip of Driver's rear


Passenger rear

Nicks on passenger rear

Fittament on car (with 5mm rear spacer, not included; no front spacer)

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I drove on these for a little while longer and the front tires should also be replaced.

Asking $1500+shipping

No longer looking at trades.
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bump, anyone looking to upgrade to 18/19"?
I still have these, looking to get them sold, $1300 OBO shipped