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Pics of my Winter Project

12 July 2003
Marblehead, Ohio
Hi Guys,

Here's a few pics of my prolonged winter project which included: powder coating calipers and brackets, new Power slot's rotors, New pads, Stainless Steel Lines, and updated OEM wheels finished off in Black Chrome Powder Coating.

Thanks and please let me know what you think.

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They look great, Honda made the best factory rims I've seen on any car :smile: How much for the power coating on the calipers and brackets?


PS cool looking artificially snow it look’s so real! :biggrin:
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Beautiful finish!
What is it?
I had a local shop do the powder coating and it only ran me $60.00. The real expense was the caliper rebuild kits from Acura.

The finish on the wheels is called black chrome or black opal and is a midified powder coating process.

those rims look sick!
I've always thought painting the NSX calipers shows off how small they are compared to some of the more modern cars.
ur2slow said:
Just to clarify......it was $60.00 to powder coat the calipers...... the wheels were about $900.00.
Was the cost $60.00 per caliper or for all four? Wheels look great! What shop did you use?
Yes, it ran me a total of $60.00 to have all four calipers and brackets powder coated. I used Preferred Powder Coating, the owner is a friend. They normally charge about $50.00 per caliper/bracket or $200.00 per car.
The setup looks real slick!
I would finish it off by painting the raised "NSX" lettering on the calipers a contrasting color.

Nate in DC